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TEL: 0411-8260113
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  Dalian caring confinement Service Center since its establishment seven years, we have studied with great zeal most scientific and effective methods of postpartum maternal and child health care, including rehabilitation care, postpartum nutrition postpartum diet, neonatal health care, early development of intellectual potential. Also, do not require a month families out of coaching, practical walkthrough on how to care for mother and baby, for anyone who wants to understand motherhood issues of our customers and the purchase and use of baby supplies customers with the best professional advice.
newborn was born Hou of days in, vulnerable of small life may will encountered various of problem, Dalian love months sister-in-law, and Dalian months sister-in-law, and Dalian months sister-in-law company, and Dalian months sister-in-law price, and Dalian please months sister-in-la...

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